State Funding of R&D Activities

Crossinform won the MICROSOFT-BUSINESS-START contest held by the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology jointly with Microsoft to fund R&D related to "Development of Crossinform iProcessor technology for text information processing."

The project is aimed to develop special Crossinform iProcessor technology for text information processing and create a multifunctional Internet portal that would provide commercial moderation services based on the developed technology. The R&D activities are to include analysis and adaptation of information processing algorithms and implementation of the basic functionality of the iProcessor.ru portal. The project is planned to be completed in three years. During this period, the portal will be launched to provide the following commercial services:
● iProcessor Service – a configurable premoderation service that performs real-time monitoring of information input through the specified Internet resource.
● iProcessor Agent – a configurable postmoderation agent that enables scheduled analysis of the Internet resource content.

With these services, customers are to reduce their expenses for moderation of Internet resources.

In addition to running on the Internet portal, the services can be deployed on a dedicated server of a client company as the end-user server solution iProcessor Server. The functionality of the algorithmic kernel of the iProcessor technology will also be available as an SDK.